I believe it’s the small things in life – like a fluffy towel on a miserable February morning, or a cup of tea snuggled in bed at gone 10am on a Sunday – that keep us going. Oh and candles, always candles. If the Danish say we should be filling our home with tea lights, who are we to argue? So when luxury linen company King of Cotton got in touch and asked if I would be interested in putting together a range of their products for my home I said “yes, yes and triple yes!”

King of Cotton primarily supply hotels with superior quality linen but also sell directly to customers who want to inject a little bit of luxury into their homes. I will admit that on the whole I buy my bedding from supermarkets or high street shops, generally because the cost of ‘luxury’ brands is prohibitive. Not so the case with King of Cotton, I’ve done a cheeky bit of market research and their 300 thread Egyptian cotton bedding comes in at around half the price of some of their competitors!

I tried out a range of products for my two favourite rooms – the bedroom and the bathroom.

Pillows and bedding

Let’s start with the basics… pillows! I am a pillow criminal. I am guilty as charged of buying poor quality, flat as a pancake in a week, pillows. Not on purpose, mind. I’ve tried many pillows over the years, from Sainsbury’s basics to the all singing all, dancing wonder pillows that falsely promise the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Needless to say I was very excited to get some new ones! I chose a pair of firm microfibre pillows and as soon as I saw them I knew this was a whole different ball game. The best way I can describe it is to ask you to imagine a really good quality butchers sausage, plump and juicy. Well these pillows are just that compared to my old ones which were more Everyday Value sausages – you know the sort, the sausages that just look sad. These pillows are like laying on a giant marshmallow – soft, light and comfortable but as these are firm you still feel supported without it ruining the ‘squish’. Plus they just look fabulous on the bed.

You hear Egyptian cotton, you think mega bucks. With King of Cotton that’s really not so. You can pick up a 300 thread microstripe double duvet cover for just £38.10. But are you compromising on quality? Absolutely not. The sheets are soft, strong and tie together with bows – no chance of those pesky poppers driving you mad in the middle of the night, or broken buttons (or is it just me?) The subtle microstripe pattern is perfect for helping create a relaxing environment. They look great and feel great so what’s the drawback? Your husband/wife/partner will still steal all the duvet and blame you for it… but I don’t think we are going to solve that aged-old problem anytime soon.


The first thing I heard Mike say when he tried his new towel was ‘oooooh this is so soft!’ He wasn’t giving me is opinion, he was talking to himself and I happened to hear him from downstairs. I think that’s the best review I can give, if you actually tell yourself how soft and cosy they are then they must be good! My towels are both from the Mont Blanc Zero Twist 100% cotton range, one bath towel and one bath sheet. Obviously I’ve already claimed the bath sheet. This morning when I got out of the shower into a chilly bathroom I wrapped myself in my towel and instantly felt calm and cosy. I cannot overstate just how soft and fluffy these towels are, and what a great size they are. Some people love a big bath sheet (me) whereas others prefer a smaller towel (Mike) but no-one (please take note towel manufacturers) wants to have to choose between being dry and flashing the neighbours! These towels add a little bit of luxury to every day and with a bath towel costing £12.90 and a jumbo bath sheet coming in at £21.80 there is no need to take out a second mortgage. Not only do these towels feel lovely, they look great too. Adding something a simple as a ribbed texture make what is an everyday item just a little bit different. If you are a little more adventurous than me you could plump for ‘flamingo’ or ‘mink grey’ but as you all know, I’m a beige and neutral kind of girl!


Candles make me happy, and you can never have too many.

What’s the most relaxing scent you can think of? To me it’s lavender. There have been many studies about the magical effects of lavender on relaxation and sleep so what better candle to have in your bedroom than French lavender. Some candles can be overpowering but when lit (and when unlit actually) you can enjoy a light lavender scent, we have been lighting it before bed and coupled with the luxury bedding it has created the perfect environment for peaceful sleep.

Round up of my picks…

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H x

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  1. I’m new to the king of cotton range, I was researching for some Egyptian cotton bedding & I came across the website, so after looking through the range of bedding, I thought to myself this looks very nice I shall send for sheets, I found what I wanted & sent for it, when it came l opened the bedding & put it on my bed, I was amazed at the lovely quality, then when I slept in my bed, the bedding was lovely, it felt so good I’ve bought loads of bedding & paid a lot of money for what I thought was quality, but after buying this lovely range of bedding,I don’t think I’ve ever found such quality anywhere.

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