Welcome to our new bedroom!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Mike and I live in a  one-bedroom house because our second bedroom has featured on Instagram approximately twice. I am ashamed to say it had become a bit of a pointless room, filled with junk and only really used for storage of pants… and was a bit, well, pants!

We set ourselves the challenge over the Christmas break to repurpose the room and make it both functional and pretty. It had long been the plan to eventually put a daybed in the room and I used this is as the starting point to build the design of the room around.

Our first thought was the walls – we had decorated the room once before but to be honest our cutting in skills leave a lot to be desired so we decided to put up picture rails. This meant the ceiling paint could be continued some way down the wall (so no rubbish ceiling/wall lines) and also it was in keeping with the rest of the house. We had originally decorated the room with a dark grey and this was a mistake, it made the room look cold and uninviting so we plumped for a warm shade, similar to the one we have in our main bedroom. I am a fan of Crown paint, I know it’s nothing fancy but it does the job well and the colour palette is more up my street than Dulux. After testing our several shades we settled on Soft Ochre.

The next job was the picture rails, we used a mid-range decorative moulding from Homebase and cut it to size using a mitre box and saw, this was not without swearing but after a few practice goes we started to get the hang of it! The original plan was to use some super-duper-sticks-to-anything adhesive but that ended with glue down the walls! So instead we countersunk screws/nails and filled and painted over them. The picture rail has made a massive difference to the room, it looks much more polished and more characterful.

To continue the warm feel of the room we opted for honey-coloured laminate flooring. I had already looked at many samples but the price was crazy for such a small room so in the end we made a visit to Homebase and found some lovely laminate and sought advice on underlay and fitting. We were going to give it a go ourselves as it was 1clic2go fitting, but we soon realised that with the wonky shape of our room and various obstacles we were much better off having a professional do the job! Amazingly, we found someone to fit the laminate just 3 days later (over Christmas!) which was fantastic given we had to let the laminate acclimatise for 48 hours anyway. I was unsure how the flooring would look as we’ve never had laminate before but it fits very well with the wall colour. We opted to have the planks coming away from the window as this makes the room look bigger and even with our tiny room, it worked!

Another first was putting up a blind. We sound like very inexperienced DIYers and that’s because we are! I was conscious that blinds can be very expensive but then we stumbled up this pheasant blind from Dunelm which we cut to size. It’s no secret I’m a rather large fan of the pheasant but I’m also quite ‘boring’ with my design choices but I feel it’s the perfect balance between characterful and not too in your face.

At this point the room was really starting to come together and I started thinking about the more exciting part of the make over – the decorative accessories! It was decided a long time ago that we would get the Hemnes Ikea daybed for the room so that was a no brainer. We have in the past had various items from the Hemnes range and they are much more sturdy than other lines Ikea offer. I had planned to buy a small jute rug but whilst we were in Ikea I spotted this small sheepskin rug. My parents have one and I always love sitting on it by the fire (stealing all the heat), the small size and contrasting texture was perfect for the room. We picked up a duvet, pillows and some basic white bedding (of course it’s white, all of my bedding is white!) and added an accent cushion from Neptune and a neutral herringbone throw to complete the bed.

The room needed a chair, I think every bedroom should have a chair! I wanted a smaller version of the chair I already have in our bedroom but this doesn’t seem to exist. After a LOT of trawling through the internet I spotted this neutral occasional chair from Wayfair, perfect size and very quick delivery!

The part of the revamp I struggled most with was what to do with the back wall. I considered prints, photos, a large clock but suddenly I had a flash of inspiration – floating shelves in the alcove to create a library-type feel. Ikea do a really good value range called Lack including a really long shelf which was exactly what we needed. As our walls aren’t particularly straight, Mike cut them down slightly on each side but this is only really appropriate if you are putting them into an alcove. I have dressed the shelves with a barn star (and may have another one in the post…), a felt word board, a James Keiller pot and some tea light holders and candles.

Both Mike and I are really happy with the finished article. I am now proud of the room rather than wanting to shut the door and forget about it… it also has a very similar vibe to our bedroom and our bathroom so upstairs now feels much more connected. Eventually we will redecorate the landing to tie it all together.

I hope you like it too! Here are some progress pictures, hover over them for the captions.

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  1. This looks fabulous, no wonder you are happy with the finished room. Love the colour you have used on the wall. I am in the process of decorating our bedroom and will be looking at a sample of this colour for our walls.

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