17-year-old me was a massive cringe ball (yes, even more so than 25-year-old me). I used to call myself Hanner, wear a manky chequered wrist sweatband from Claire’s Accessories and be constantly plugged into my iPod. The only thing that hasn’t changed dramatically since then is my love of music. My favourite band is the Killers and that hasn’t changed since I was 17. You might be wondering what on earth this has to do with interior design? Well, when I was 17 it had a lot to do with it and I’m going to give you an insight into what my home style was like before I knew any better.

Followers of me on Instagram will know that my style is traditional, rural and ‘boring’ – I do not do accent colours, wallpaper (even beige wallpaper) or feature walls. I am safe and bland and that’s just the way I like it. However, at 17 I was living at home at home with my parents. Somehow I managed to get the best room in the house – with a beautiful view over the Essex countryside and sunshine all day long, but did matter to 17 year old ’emo’ me? No it did not. What a fool. As soon as I set foot out of the door for university my parents took over the room and tried to strip back the years of damage I’d caused and miraculously turned it into a lovely, calming bedroom.

So what was my style? A few posters on the wall? Maybe even some CDs displayed? Oh no. I tell you why I can recall this so vividly, it’s because I’m an absolute cringe bag who had TWO albums on Facebook called ‘I am that #1 Killers fan at Hedingham School’. Thanks¬†Facebook, you’ve always got our back.


Exhibit A

There are so many things I can say about this. The lava lamp? The box TV with separate Freeview box? I would also bet money those DVDs are Killers documentaries… Strangely though that cardboard box at the front had a really nice top of the range nail care set that I still use today, fun fact.

Exhibit B

Electric guitar that I could not play. I think I once learnt the intro to Starlight by Muse but that was about it.

Exhibit C

Alternative picture of the Killers from 2004 with the caption ‘I’m Mr Brightside’, and, my personal favourite, a hand drawn (by me) picture of a pair of Converse¬†so edgy.

Exhibit D

I seem to have covered my entire wall here with articles from NME and Q. I remember putting some up about bands I’d never even heard of because I was just that cool and hipsterish (is that a word?) My favourite bit about this photo (apologies for the noughties camera technology) is the fact I’ve tied those awful laces with skulls on (also from Claire’s Accessories) in bows around my shelving unit, which by the way contained just Killers’ CD singles…

Exhibit E

I used to write album releases for the local newsletter… my mum liked them. Please note the font used for the heading was from a website, probably Dafont, that I screenshot the test text from.

Exhibit F

Ok last one. I loved this shelving unit, my mum and brother built it for me once when I was away at Brownie camp and I still remember it as one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. There is so much to say here… firstly, I need to address the china doll. The poor china doll is actually called something like ‘Camilla’ however I cried when I got her and changed her name to Hannah because frankly I am vain. She still creeps me out though and lives with mum and dad. Then there’s the Smirnoff Ice bottle, I think alcopops are a rite of passage and obviously I was so excited about having a bottle that I actually kept it. Probably to make my brother jealous. Then there’s the ID card you can faintly see to the left of the photobooth picture, that actually belongs to my friend, I don’t know why but when you’re a teenager stealing people’s ID cards is just so funny. I also once decided it would be a great idea to take my friends keys and just drive his car around the school… man teenagers can be stupid.

So there you go, a little insight to younger me, I think we can all agree my interior tastes have changed dramatically but one thing that hasn’t is my love of the Killers!

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