A couple of weeks ago I was having an absolutely terrible day, my car wouldn’t start so I had to take a day off work, it cost me a small fortune to fix and to top it all off I had a banging headache. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

It’s fair to say that I thought I would have to write the day off when all of a sudden an email from Le Chameau popped into my inbox, asking if I would like test out a pair of their boots. My neighbours could probably hear my screams, of course I would like to test out a pair of boots! Le Chameau is a brand I have admired for years, one that is very popular in the farming and rural community. My current boots are 20+ years old so I was really excited to see if I could find a new pair which fitted my brief – comfy, stylish and durable.

My Instagram followers may have watched my stories last week when I opened the boots, it was like Christmas, I was so excited. On first impression the boots surpassed my expectations, which were already very high for such a well-respected brand. In case you haven’t heard of them before, Le Chameau boots are handcrafted (yes I said HANDcrafted – not many companies can say that nowadays…!) by master bootmakers and made from a secret recipe of natural rubber.

Le Chameau are celebrating their 90th birthday this year. Back in 1927 Charles Chamot started on his journey to create boots they were comfortable and long-lasting, suitable for his customers; fisherman and farmers. I don’t know about you but I’ve been caught out by boots so many times before, I’ve ended up with soggy toes, massive blisters and that feeling like I’ve got my foot stuck in flipping sinking sand; “Mike, my boot is stuck, can you help?” either that or almost breaking your front door trying to manoeuvre yourself out of things! With that in mind I was really keen to put the boots to the test this weekend just gone camping in Norfolk. With muddy conditions and the opportunity for walks it was the perfect conditions to try them out.

I can’t say much more than “wow!” First of all your feet (and calves) just glide into the boots, they are soft and flexible and it feels more like putting on a silk glove than a pair of boots! I was seriously impressed. Sometimes with really practical clothes you have to forgo any sort of style but just look at these, they’re gorgeous! These are the Giverny Jersey lined boot in Cherry but the style also comes in green, blue and black if you want to match your boots to your existing clothes. The boots have a contrasting trim and a timeless tartan lining, and look classy without trying too hard.

I suffer with very sore feet, I can’t even remember a shoe that hasn’t wrecked my feet to date, with the possible exception of my slippers! But nothing with these, I walked, I used them in the rain, I used them on tarmac, nothing – not even the niggle of a blister – that’s really something money can’t buy! To really test them I tried them sans-sock, and do you know what? They felt just as comfortable! Even if you don’t suffer with sore feet you will love the comfort these offer, without compromising on style or practicality. The boots have a anti-fatigue soles! That’s right, anti-fatigue soles, a special shank reinforcement board offers stability and fatigue reducing arch support. The outer sole is also abrasion-resistant so whatever the terrain, you can feel confident in your footwear. Another thing I liked is how light the boots are, I remember as a child walking across a newly ploughed field to see my dad and then attempting to walk back down the cart path feeling like my boots weighed the earth!

Whether you’re considering a pair of boots for business or pleasure then Le Chameau should definitely be your go-to, trying out these boots has completely changed my perception on boots, I will not be purchasing outside of the brand any time soon!  Although at the pricier end of the scale, you aren’t just paying for the name, you are paying for the quality. I can’t recommend these boots enough, even when I just see them sitting innocuously by the back door their jazzy lining makes me smile, I often now just slip them on to water my garden, something I’d never have done with my old boots – meaning I’d opt for Crocs and likely get soaking feet!

If you are in the market for a new pair of you boots, do yourself a favour and give Le Chameau a try, you won’t regret it.

The Women’s Giverny lined boot retails at £100 and can be purchased directly from Le Chameau here. For the full range visit the Le Chameau website.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored in the sense I was sent the boots but nothing about my words is exaggerated or untrue, they are just fantastic. Laters, I’m off to wear my boots. To bed. In the bath. In Tesco. Literally anywhere I can get away with it.

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  1. Hi I have just received these boots and was going to return them as when I put them on the rubber around the calves is so soft I thought it was a quality issue .. then I read your review and was keen to know whether the durability of the giverny boot is good . I got bought them for £80 which is quite a lot so I was unsure about keeping them . Any advice very much appreciated. Thanks

  2. Hi Nicola!

    Hannah stopped updating the blog a while bag so she never saw your comment! 11 months late, so apologies, but she still uses the boots to do this day (3 years after getting them) and aboslutley loves then. Very comfortable and very durable to answer your question, hopefully you kept them and are loving them!

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