This is a question i’ve been asked many times recently. When we bought our house it had been refurbished in the preceding three years (2012-2015) so you’d have thought the bathroom would be fine for a good while yet. I did think this when we first viewed the house in July 2015, and I still thought it when went back for measurements, come to think of it IĀ stillĀ thought that in October 2015 when we finally moved in. Here’s a photo of the bathroom as it was when we took possession of it:Bathroom.jpg Looks good right? I mean it’s not everyone’s tastes but I really liked it, I liked the taps, the tiles and the Victorian style radiator that’s out of view.

Well this is it now… Bathroom 2 Admittedly it’s a very dull day today so that adds to the melancholy feel but yeah… Embarrassingly the side panel has been missing for 15 months. You see there was a leak, we could see there was a leak as it was showing through the floor tiles but unfortunately as they’d decided to tile the side in there was no way to fix it other than ripping all the tiles off, so that’s what the plumber did, but at least the leak was fixed.

And when something goes wrong you start to notice all the other problems, the cracked floor tiles, the fact the bathroom suite looks like it may have been nicked from the back of someones skip, the fact the tiling and sealing was clearly not done by a professional, the weird pink stain in the bath and the weird building material stuck to the side of the cistern.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, our door is #doorgoals and the shower is lush – just the perfect level of power. BUT we need a change and change we will have, I’m really excited for the work to start on the bathroom. I love baths but there’s not much joy in taking one in our current cold enamel monstrosity and the freestanding bath of (my) dreams is hopefully going to make up for that. Here’s a couple more pics of the ‘before’ bathroom.


2 Replies to “Why are you getting a new bathroom, isn’t your one new anyway?”

  1. Ahh okay having declared my love for the avo tiles over on Instagram, I take it all back. Totally get where you’re coming from now. It just goes to show you what we don’t see beyond those little squares! Ha!

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