1. I was born and raised in rural north Essex. Contrary to popular Towie-fuelled opinion there are an awful lot of farms in Essex.

2. My favourite food is baked cajun salmon with rice and salad.

3. I have been a massive fan of Ipswich Town since I was 11.

4. I once witnessed Ronnie Vannucci Jr do a dinosaur impression on a ferry back from the Isle of Wight. Ronnie is the drummer for the Killers, my favourite band in the world. I got really bad sunburn on my face that day too and someone on Twitter called me said she recognised me because of the face. The shame.

5. I don’t like tattoos, not necessarily on other people as some people can carry them off but not on me.

6. I’ve been on a plane with Richard Branson, my mum made me get his autograph.

7. I got a first in my degree.

8. My favourite perfume is Sweet Lime and Cedar. Since it’s been discontinued my second favourite is Lime Basil and Mandarin.

9. Mike is one of those annoying people everyone likes, I am certainly not.

10. I casually saw Jeremy Clarkson once at a James Blunt concert.

11. I have never dyed my hair.

12. I enjoy horse racing but I will never bet on the National.

13. I cry at pretty much everything on TV.

14. I have never smoked but for some reason I keep really fancying a cigar?!

15. My village was the Essex Village of the Year 2016.

16. I can name all the counties of England in 8 minutes.

17. I drive a Fiat 500.

18. I have an earlobe shaped like a bum. We call it bum ear. Sometimes other people just call me bum ear.

19. Until we bought our house I’d never had an upstairs bedroom.

20. My favourite season in Summer. It reminds me being little and harvest time.


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