My bedroom is my little slice of heaven, my little place to escape and relax, to snuggle up with a massive cup of tea, an electric blanket and something brain numbing on the TV.

When we moved first viewed our house my thoughts on the bedroom were that it was a good size with a lot of built in storage but I must admit I wasn’t wowed by it, it was certainly the kitchen that sold me. The previous owners had the bedroom painted red and although I could see it looked nice, it just wasn’t us and didn’t convey that relaxing vibe that is so important in a bedroom.

red bedroom.jpg

The first thing we did in this room was cover that red with something a tad lighter. When I saw we I mean my mother and brother who painted the whole room for us while we were at work! We used Crown’s Sandcastle shade, a nice neutral shade with a bit of warmth. I’m very happy with my decision, still love it!

The next thing we did was make more of the fireplace. I found this lovely oak shelf with cast brackets, the perfect place to store all my crap pretty things. Plus the more shelf space I have, the more Emma Bridgewater I can display. Oh and the Jo Malone candle that I will never light as it’s too pretty. Oh and a random Eiffel Tower figure because it’s the law that you buy one in Paris. To complete the fireplace focal point I added this pheasant print, it’s from Etsy, but we do pheasant prints too over at if it’s your kind of thang.

I also tried my hand at DIY and followed my lovely friend Charlotte’s tutorial and made my own initial prints… now it’s only the jokes H&M we have to contend with… could be worse.


For a long time that was it. We had a lovely shelf and painted walls but a weird mishmash of furniture and a carpet which had clearly been the victim of a GHD attack! It took a trip to the most stunning barn in Norfolk to guilt me into taking action and in one swoop we bought a new bed, bedside tables, bedside lamps, armchair and blanket box. No one can say we do things by halves!

my little slice of heaven


I’d lusted over this arm chair for sooooo long, it is the perfect chair for the bedroom. It’s very firm and certainly not for lounging but it fits our space perfectly and is used by Mike to put his socks on with annoying regularity! The beautiful cushion is from another one of my Insta friends Catherine over at Peonie Cole.

Next I got my DIY on again and stripped the paint from the wardrobes. I loved the painted look but we wanted something a little more rustic and in keeping with the style of the house. This was really hard work, there was a ┬álot of dust, swearing and burning the carpet (thankfully it was the old one). I managed to the entire Royle Family boxset while I was doing it. We finished the room off with a new carpet and some cushions from Sainsbury’s (mostly the Shore range). I’m a strictly shoes off kinda gal and I love that no one would dare even think about shoes while in my bedroom now!


I really do love this room. I hope you do too!

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