So from the outside last year was pretty good for me – I got married, Mike and I settled into our first owned home and I could pay all my bills. That’s all true. However, for me it was one of the most difficult years of my life as I struggled against myself (that Hannah, she’s such a knob).

In March 2016 I fell ill with what I thought was a 24-hour bug and there started months of uncertainty, pain and anxiety. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I was in pain 24/7 but in true English fashion, I ignored it. It was like nothing I’ve experienced before, a deep gnawing pain in my abdomen interspersed with terrible sharp pains – one particular day the pain was so bad I was cutting the skin on my stomach with my nails trying to divert the pain… I don’t recommend it – you end up still in pain but with broken nails and girls, a broken nail is just not ok is it?

In early April I was finally forced to make an appointment with the doctor as I had now missed a day of work. I will spare you the details but basically I had all manner of tests (which came back clear), medications (stomach ulcer pills anyone?) and general poking. Ultrasounds are no fun, who wants to drink loads of water and have someone push on your bladder? Shudder. Anyway, to cut a long story short it was decided it was likely a food-related issue sparked by my illness. In May 2016 I made a massive change to my diet (under the direction of a NHS dietician) and finally found some medication which seemed to help. It is a horrible feeling wanting to just enjoy a meal but being scared silly about how much pain you will be in 20 minutes later.

Mike and I had booked a holiday to Florida which we had to cancel – we lost 90% of the total cost of the flights and hotel. Cheers insurance company. We actually booked the barn conversion of dreams (I actually cannot stop with the of dreams) in North Norfolk instead and had an absolutely cracking holiday and by this point I had worked out what the worst triggers were so was able to control my diet and enjoy myself.. though there was one instance of throwing caution to the wind and trying non-alcoholic wine… to be honest it was nothing special but my tummy took particular exception – oh the pain – but at least I was in a lovely barn which I could pretend was all mine.

Skip forward to March 2017 and although I do still have bad days, I feel like I’ve got my life back. My diet is still very restricted but I am adding things all the time and experimenting with more gluten-free baking (shout out to the Kitchen Aid who has been dragged along for the trip).

This blog will be mostly about my home and my love for interiors – is Rightmove addiction a diagnosed condition?! but I thought it would be good to open up with something I’d hazard most of my Instagram followers don’t know about me.

I’d like to end with a massive thank you to my darling Insta friend Becca who has been there to listen to my rubbish when I was feeling at my darkest.

I’ve heard Norfolk is basically the Florida of Britain anyway…


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